Winder Stair Tread Kit - Maple 1 5/8

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Take the steps to a new look with Maple 1 5/8 Winder Stair Tread Kit! 
The family had been searching for the perfect stair tread kit to bring life into their old and tired staircase. After hours of looking, they came across the Winder Stair Tread Kit - Maple 1 5/8 and knew that it was exactly what they were looking for! The beautiful maple wood construction combined with its strength and durability made it an ideal choice to transform their home. With its natural color tones, this product provided a warm earthy feel which would be sure to compliment any interior design style. It had all the necessary components needed to make installation fast, easy, and hassle free! The family was so relieved that they could finally complete their dream renovation project with confidence knowing that the Winder Stair Tread Kit - Maple 1 5/8 will provide them years of enjoyment! 

  • Maple hardwood material provides durable build quality and classic style for a timeless design that compliments any room

3 Winder treads Kit 

Wood Type : Maple

Thickness : 1 5/8"

Front : Rounded or Zen